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Thousands of families have chosen Surrogate Global surrogacy agency because of our values, our experience and our incredible staff. But more than anything, they recommend our company because of our matches. Our approach is centered on the personalization of a match between surrogates, donors and parents. We get it right on the first introduction – nearly every time.

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We understand the significance of the right match, and we are proud of our process that focuses on the connection between a surrogate and the intended parent. Our experience has proven that matching does matter. The right match lays the foundation for the entire surrogate mother process, resulting in a successful and smooth engagement for you.

Our matching methodology includes steps that can save time and anxiety for you and for the intended parents. Other agencies, using less sophisticated pre-screening approaches, can leave surrogates and intended parents in a holding pattern until a fertility clinic approves the match for pregnancy. Since all surrogate candidates applying at Surrogate Global are preliminary screened, our approach is one step ahead. We dramatically shorten the timeline and increase the chances for a great match and sustained relationship.

Often surrogates — who start off as strangers to intended parents — become an extended part of the family.

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Parents Matching Matters

Surrogate Global surrogacy agency has provided unmatched service to parents throughout the world.

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We understand that our business is about the ability to properly engage in the process and advocate for you. We are committed to maintaining an elite surrogate network, and part of that commitment includes cultivating an open and compassionate environment for our families before, during and after the pregnancy.

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Surrogacy Process

There are many steps to becoming a surrogate mother in our surrogate program. They may vary slightly based on location, physician and needs of the surrogate mother and intended parents, but we’re providing a general framework of what to expect as a surrogate mother. And remember, we will be there with you each step of the way to make becoming a surrogate mother as easy as possible.

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