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The question of which doctor to choose is also a major factor in the organization of labor in the United States and post-natal care. All clients of our company are able to choose a doctor appropriately qualified and most suitable for your particular case of the whole nomenclature of doctors cooperating with our company.

Successfully tuned logistics is also an integral part of our company. We guarantee that we will get you to labor and delivery at any time. Our Company has a dedicated employee who answers the phone at any time and is ready to leave to go with you to the hospital 24/7. We provide coordinated logistics for the convenience of our clients – trips to the doctors offices and the hospitals, to shops, activities, excursions.

Validity of documents give you a choice: either shortly after birth fly back home or stay in sunny Florida and ensure your newborns health with Florida’s best pediatricians! The company “Surrogate Global” ensures registration of all documents within 6 weeks after the birth of your child. We have established contacts and knowledge in the field of registering documents, and the company ensures that all documents will be received in time.

Our clients are people of different classes and status in society: wives of politicians and businessmen, government officials, pop stars and people in show business, sports stars and others. This calls for full confidentiality of the arrival and birth stories. Our company has good experience in full compliance with “incognito” patient at her request when it is in the hospital and among employees. In other cases, mothers get to know each other and become friends for your entire stay in Miami and in the future, upon returning home.

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The best resources, support, and information to maximize the overall chance for success.

With personal experience guiding our philosophy, our dynamic team brings an unmatched level of service and support to help guide intended parents, egg donors and gestational surrogates through an often challenging process. With a staff that includes former egg donors, gestational surrogates, and intended parents, we have the unique perspective to provide all sides of the partnership with the best resources, support and information to maximize the overall chance for success.

We know this is a sensitive journey that includes countless uncertainties and concerns. The best way to prepare for it is to recognize the potential bumps in the road and choose a guide who can help navigate around them. No other agency adheres to such rigorous standards, offers our depth of experience, or works as closely with intended parents, egg donors and gestational surrogates as “Surrogate Global”. We look forward to being part of your team as you move through this complex but rewarding experience.

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