Our Staff




Katerina – is a qualified gynecologist. She obtained her medical education while still living in Ukraine. There she graduated from Lviv State University and became a certified gynecologist.

After moving to the US, Katerina continued to actively develop in her medical education. Here she continues her medical degree and already has a bachelor’s degree. Katerina, early inher career worked as an assistant in a medical office, therefore, work with our clients is very familiar to her with the medical point of view and from the point of view of management. Katerina is fluent in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English — it also allows her to easily communicate on various topics, both with our customers and with doctors and other medical personnel in hospitals in Miami. All of Katerina’s free time is dedicated to her beloved family — her husband and two charming daughters.



Pediatrician, Licensed Ultrasound Specialist

Margarita is a great pediatrician first of the first category, she successfully graduated from the Samarkand Medical Institute and began to help children to be healthy. This she does to this day. The only difference is that now she does it in the United States, but for Russian children and their mothers. Margarita has been living in the USA for over 10 years. During this time, she received a degree in ultrasound, as well as an assistant doctor. All the while, Margarita lives in Miami and continues her medical practice in private clinics. For Margarita her main focus is her children and family. With them she spends all of her free time. Margarita loves beautiful classical music, ballet and always attends interesting productions in Miami.



Registered Nurse

From Kazakhstan, there Alexandrafinished a medical college and graduated asa medical nurse. After moving to the US in 2007, she confirmed a degree in nursing and obtained a license for professional activity. Alexandra has a bachelor’s degree. In her spare time she likes to spend time on the ocean and take walks with her dog.



Registered Nurse

Lily was born in Transnistria, where after graduation moved to Kishinev. Successfully graduated from high school in Kishinev, Lily entered the State University of Moldova to major in Law. While studying at the university she has won awards at the school Olympic Games in history (1 place) and at the swimming competition (3rd place). In the last two courses held practice in the Economic Court, which has established itself as a competent and disciplined worker. In the summer of 2008, together with her sister Olga, she came to the United States. A year later, Lily entered the Broward Community College, where she received a degree in nursing. Now she continues to study at the Faculty of Biology at Nova University and dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Fluent in English, Russian, Romanian and German. All her spare time Lily devotes travel and sports.



Registered Nurse

Ludmila was born and raised in Crimea. At the age of 15 along with her parents she moved to America. Ludmila worked for many years in children’s camps. After graduating from college she worked for 5 years as an assistant dentist. All of her spare time Ludmila spends with her husband and two daughters. Her interests include professional photography.



Registered Nurse

Alena works in «Surrogate Global» as a nurse and accompanies clients to medical appointments and childbirth. Alena came to the US three years ago from Dnepropetrovsk, where she graduated from a Medical College and received an additional certification as a personal trainer. She worked in the field of physical rehabilitation for children and adults in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. She has developed her own methods that have been proven successful for the use of rehabilitation for people with disabilities from injuries or strokes. Before traveling to America Alena lived in Moscow, where she worked in the fitness industry. In the US, she continued her medical education at a City College, American Medical Academy and Safety Keeper Career Training Institute, received diplomas and licenses in Emergency Medical Service and Phlebotomy Tech. Practice in the service of 911 and an ambulance. In her spare time Alena enjoys spending time with her family, horseback riding and traveling.