Let the experts at Surrogate Global guide you through all the legalities of surrogacy, egg donation and adoption.

Surrogate Global offers a wide range of legal services to bring children into the lives of Intended Parents and to provide the best and strongest legal protections for them.

As a part of our integrated approach, we develop a legal strategy tailored to each match based on very specific and individualized state laws and criteria. She reviews all contracts and consent forms for Intended Parents and oversees all legal aspects of their journey. And most importantly, we work closely with all parties to ensure they abide by the correct laws and procedures of the applicable jurisdiction so that Intended Parents may bring their children home without issue.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Law

Gestational Surrogacy
Egg Donation
Sperm Donation
Co-Maternity Agreement
Review of clinic consent forms
Embryo Disposition Agreements

Adoption Law

Private Agency Adoption
Step Parent
Second Parent
Adult Adoption