We advocate for you with expert leadership from introduction to delivery.

surrogateIntended parents working with Surrogate Global always have a team of experts helping them navigate this complex experience. Surrogacy is not simple processes. Our staff is committed to helping all of you feel secure, safe and organized when preparing to bring your baby home. There are thousands of surrogate candidates. The first step for any intended parent is selecting the right surrogacy agency. There are good ones – and there are ones to avoid. We believe Surrogate Global is the best choice, particularly when it comes to the most critical piece of any surrogacy – the match.

Only the best candidates are a good fit for our clients.

Surrogate Global gets the match right the first time – nearly every time. We accept an extraordinarily low percentage of egg donor candidates and surrogates into our private network, because only the best candidates are a good fit for our clients. As a global agency, our high standards, reach and ability to appeal to most applicants means we only choose those who are right for the agency and our clients. These standards drive more than 90 percent of applicants elsewhere, including to other agencies, friends and family, and to online advertising of their services.

Surrogate Global accepts only the best and brightest candidates. They are emotionally and physically healthy, and the surrogates have families of their own. Both surrogates and donors are choosing this journey for the right reasons – they are looking to make a difference.